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Unlike other national chain shipping centers that only offer one carrier’s services, your neighborhood ShipOnSite lets you price shop from multiple carriers to select the best price for the best service. We offer services by UPS, DHL, FedEx, and United States Postal Service, and freighting services for larger items.

Big or small, we will ship it all.

ShipOnSite offers you an easy and convenient way to sell your items on eBay with AuctionsOnSite. Simply drop your items off at our convenient location and receive a check in the mail when your items sell and ship.

Do you sell your own eBay items at home? Never get burned on shipping again when you get a customized shipping quote for your eBay sales. We’ll provide you with the information you need to offer your eBay bidders a customized shopping experience online.

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Let AuctionsOnSite get top dollar for your items. With more than 270 million users around the globe, eBay is an excellent way to find the people who want to buy your things.

We will gladly consign your items that sell for $35 or more on eBay. Simply drop your items off at our store and we’ll take care of everything else, including:
Professional photography
Writing keyword filled titles and accurate descriptions
Managing your auction for you from beginning to end
Processing payment
Guaranteeing your security and anonymity
Professional, courteous, fast shipping through ShipOnSite’s ASO certified shipping center. No standing in line at the post office. It’s that simple!
What Sells on eBay? Anything of Value!

We prefer that consigned items be regiftable… meaning, we would feel comfortable giving your item as a gift to a friend or relative. They also should have an estimated resell value of $30 – $35 or more. And of course, the items need to be legal, moral and ethical to sell.

Fee structure – Unlike other consigners who charge 50% and other trading assistants who charge 42% of this, 38% of that… AuctionsOnSite has a simple, easy to calculate consignment fee. You will receive 2/3rds of the sale price minus the commission that eBay takes on each item, approximately 6% of the auction’s final value. Items over $1000.00 are negotiable.